Research Community

One of strategic actions of research institutions to strive its research activities in order to be known by public is to participate actively in academic community, both of institutions within university as well as independent institutions. LPEM FEUI participates and builds the external network by joining the Policy Research Network (PRN) and the Forum of Development Studies (FKP) .

Policy Research Network (PRN) is a institutions network in Indonesia to conduct evidence-based research and aims to influence policy. This network was established on January 29, 2013 based on an agreement of five research institutes , namely the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Institute for Research and Empowerment (IRE), Institute for Economic and Social Research – Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (LPEM FEUI), Paramadina Public Policy Institute (PPPI), and the Women Research Institute (WRI) .

Forum of Development Studies (FKP) is a consortium of institutions in Indonesia, in cooperation with the Indonesia Project under the auspices of the Crawford School of Public Policy – ANU College of Asia & the Pacific – the institution that organizes a series of research -based policy forum to discuss results of research related to issues of particular policy topic in Indonesia.

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