Industrial Economics

Industrial Economics (Lead: Dr. T.M Zakir Machmud)
The group focuses on research area in development of SME (Small and Medium
Enterprises), industry roadmap, and industry competition policy.


Head of Industrial Economics Studies

T.M. Zakir Machmud Ph.D

Industrial Economics, Economic Planning


T.M. Zakir zakirMachmud

T.M Zakir Machmud is senior researcher in Institute of Economics and Social Research since 1996 and also lecture in the department of economics, in University of Indonesia. He received his master from University of Warwick, Australian in 1993 and completed a Ph.D from University of South Australia in 2008. He has written articles and working paper on knowledge utilization and industrial economic. Zakir’s work research focuses on the international and industrial economic.

Past Research Project

– SME Access to Financing (ERIA, 2010-2011)
– Survey on Bureaucratic Reform (Ernst & Young, 2012)
– Review and Recommendations of KPPU Policies on Airline Sector (KPPU, 2012)
– Review and Recommendations of KPPU Policies on Pharmaceutical Industry (KPPU, 2013)



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