Regional and Energy Resources Policy

Regional and Energy Resources Policy (Lead: Dr. Uka Wikarya)

The group research and consultation covers area fiscal and economic impact on oil and gas sector policy, and subnational development program planning and economic impact.

Head of Regional and Energy Resources Policy

Dr. Ir. Uka Wikarya M.Si.

Statistics, Econometrics

Uka Wikarya

Uka Wikarya is senior researcher in Institute of Economics and Social Research and also lecture in the department of economics, in University of Indonesia. Uka primary field of interests are econometrics, input-output model, and statistic. He received his master from Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB) in 2003 and completed his post doctoral in University of Indonesia in 2010.

Past Research Project

– Sustainability of PLN Tarakan (PLN Tarakan, 2012)

– Gas Allocation Need Assessment of PLN Medan (PGN, 2013)

– Study on Optimal Gasoline Distribution of Pertamina (PT Pertamina, 2013)

– Forecasting Model of BBM (Ministry of Finance, 2012)

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