Social Empowerment

Community Development (Lead: Budi Sulistyowati, MA)
The group has extensive experiences on designing community development programs, advocacy implementation, as well as review and design of government social programs.

Head of Social Empowerment Studies

Dra. Budi Sulistyowati , MA.
Development Anthropology

Budi Sulistyowati

Budi BudiSulistyowatiSulistyowati is senior researcher in Institute of Economics and Social Research since 1989 and also senior lecture in the department of economics, in University of Indonesia. He received his master of art from Apollos Theological Seminary in 2004. He has been particularly interested in the role that community development and corporate social responsibility can play in creating knowledge and innovation.

Past Research Project
– Social Mapping Activities (PT Inpex Corporation, 2011)
– Studies on Community Development in Aceh and Nias (KPDT, 2012)
– Studies on Mimika Social Economic Program (PT Freeport, 2013)
– Study on Long-Term Planning Document of Teluk Wondama District, Papua (Teluk Wondama District, 2013

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