R.H Achmadi S.E., M.Sc.


Kiki1Ringoringo H. Achmadi completed his undergraduate education with a major in Economics at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, before continuing his education at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK majoring in Development Finance. Afterwards, Achmadi continued his education at Université de Paris with a major in Tourism Marketing for his Ph.D. course and Applied Management for his Diplome d’Étude Approfondi. Achmadi also has participated in several trainings, such asTraining of Reformation and Privatization Public Sector held by National Council of Economic Research-UNDP in New Delhi, India, Training in Finance Management Public Sector held by Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham, UK, as well asManagement Information System training held by Inter University Center for Economics, UI. Achmadi’s research interests include Local Finance, Regional and Urban economics, Tourism Marketing, and Tourism Planning.

Achmadi started to work as a assistant lecturer at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in 1984 and as a researcher in LPEM FEBUI in 1987. He also worked as a lecturer in Officer Development Program of EXIM Bank as well as in Inter University Center for Economics of the University of Indonesia. Achmadi also once worked as the Managing Editor for Development Bulletin of the Institute for Economic and Social Research as well as Production Editor for Economic and Finance in Indonesia. Moreover, he also once held the position of Vice Director of Administration and Finance at LPEM FEBUI for the period 2001-2004. He also regularly teaches in education and training programs at LPEM FEBUI. While working at LPEM FEBUI, Achmadi has worked with a wide range of institutions, both Indonesia-based and international-based institutions. These institutions, among others include JICA, ADB, AUSAID, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Geselischaft fur Technnische Zusammenarbeit, Indonesian Mining Assoiation, JBIC, POLRI, PHRI, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, BNI as well as several local governments.


Research Interests

Local Finance, Regional and Urban economics, Tourism Marketing, and Tourism Planning.

Academic Publication

– Majewski, C., Achmadi, R., Soeharno, R., Sumertajaya, I.M., Haloho, J.F., Analysis of School Operational Funds, published by Education Sector Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership, 2013

– Achmadi R. Menghubungkan Indikator Kinerja dan Anggaran, Jurnal Kebijakan Ekonomi Vol.1 No.2, hal.207-216, 2006

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