Andhika Putra Pratama, S.E.


andhikaAndhika obtained his bachelor degree in economics (majoring urban and regional economics) from Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia in 2015. Andhika joined LPEM in 2015 as a research assistant. His research interests are urban and transport economics, environmental economics and development economics.

Andhika worked as teaching assistant under Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia from 2014-2016. Andhika has experiences in assisting various research project at LPEM FEB UI. Some of these research projects are study on Institutional Capacity Assessment on Nutrition (LPEM FEB UI – UNICEF) in 2017, Estimating the Demand for Social Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia (LPEM FEB UI – JICA) in 2017, Green Lending Survey of banking Sector in Indonesia (LPEM FEB UI – OJK – USAID) in 2017, Green Knowledge Capture and Dissemination Grant on Green Budgeting (LPEM FEB UI – MCA Indonesia) in 2016, Indonesia Global Value Chain on Trans Pacific Partnership (LPEM FEB UI – CSIS Indonesia) in 2016, Estimating the Market Demand of Medical Devices in Indonesia (LPEM FEB UI – Ministry of Health) in 2016, Investigation on The Roles of Transportation Network in Shaping Urban Spatial Structure in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area (East Asia Development Network) in 2016 and Revitalization of Batam Free Trade Zone Area (LPEM FEB UI – Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs) in 2015.

Research Interests

Urban and Transport Economics, Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Academic Pubblications

– Iskandar, S. D., & Pratama, A. P. (2017). Supporting National Commitment in Reducing GHG Emissions: A Painful Journey for Indonesian Local Government? (No. 201710). LPEM, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia.

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