Dr. Arie Damayanti, S.E., M.Sc


Arie Damayanti rejoined LPEM in 2018 after finishing her terms as Vice Director (2008-2014) and Director (2014-2018) of Graduate Program in Economics FEB UI. She holds her Sarjana Ekonomi degree from Universitas Indonesia (1996), Master of Science in Financial Economics and Econometrics from University of Essex (2000), and Doctor of Economics from Kyoto University (2006). She also currently helps manage the Indonesia Bureau of Economic Research, a newly founded institution to build a network for Indonesian economists and researchers, located in the UI Campus at Jalan Salemba Raya.

Her research experience on this issue includes studying the minimum wage effect on employment and poverty (2006) and the issue of low-wage worker in Indonesia (ILO, 2010), co-writing a report on Indonesia’s worker and industries future resilience (DAS, 2017), conducting the Employer/Employee Survey of Skills/Labor Demand and Job Vacancies in Indonesia (LPEM, 2008) and an assessment on Indonesian Youth Workforce Beneficiaries Profiles (LPEM, 2015), and supervising theses and dissertations on various topics such as

  • the effect of trade liberalization on child labor in Indonesia,
  • the effect of labor migration and remittances on children schooling and household asset accumulation in Indonesia,
  • the effect of globalization on unemployment in Indonesia,
  • the gender wage gap and productivity gap in Indonesian manufacturing firms,
  • the effect of import tariff change on productivity and manufacturing firm’s probability to exit in Indonesia,
  • decomposition of productivity growth in Indonesian manufacturing firms,
  • the role of FDI on Indonesia’s intra-industry trade with South Korea,
  • the effect of global economy on product innovation in Indonesian manufacturing firms, and
  • the role of institution for developing countries in a semi-endogenous growth model.
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