Chairina Hanum Siregar, ME.


HanumChairina obtained her bachelor degree in economics (Economic Development) from the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Katholik Parahyangan in 2007, and a Master of Planning and Public Policy from MPKP, Faculty of Economic and Business, University of Indonesia in 2010. Chairina has been a researcher at LPEM FEB UI since 2010. Additionally, she serves as a teaching assistant at Graduate study in Economic Planning and Public Policy (MPKP FEB UI) since 2010. Her main interest is Planning and Public Policy and Development Economics.

Among the research projects Chairina has undertaken are Social Economic Cost Benefit Analysis of Central Kalimantan Railway Network Development Program for CIMB Securities in 2012, Survey of Bureaucratic Reformation for Ernst & Young in 2012, and a study of Development of Case Studies for Capacity Building on Local Financial for SEADI in 2013.

Research Interests

Planning and Public Policy, Development Economics

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