Christine, S.E., M.Int.Tax.


Christine1Christine is a lecturer at Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia. She received a Master Degree in International Taxation from University of Sydney (NSW, Australia) in 2006, and Bachelor of Accounting from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia in year 2000 with Cum Laude predicate. Before becoming a lecturer in University of Indonesia, she joined KPMG Jakarta at their Tax Consulting Division.

Christine is a tax expert who has involved in several research projects and trainings related to Indonesian Taxation. She is also actively involved in Tax Accountant Compartment of Indonesian Accountant Institute (IAI). On January 5th, 2015, she is officially appointed as Associate Director for Administration and Finance of LPEM-FEBUI.


Research Interests

International Tax, Indonesian Tax, Tax administration

Academic Publications

– Implementation Impact Analysis of PSAK 30 (Rent) of Income Tax on Leasing Transaction, Inside Tax Edisi 14 (Maret 2013).
– Implementation Impact of PSAK 10 to Taxation, Economics Business & Accounting Review Vol. No. 1 (Januari-April 2012).
– Pushing Pejorative Transfer Pricing Via Public Accountant, Indonesian Tax Review edisi 17, October 2011.
– Book Editor of “Actual Taxation Studies” Author: Richard Burton (2008)
– Tax Fraud: an Emerging Issue to Concern, Economics Business & Accounting Review Vol. 11 No. 1 (Januari-April 2007).