Economic Analysis Series: TRADE AND INDUSTRY BRIEF, July 2022

As the Russia-Ukraine war and the EU trade sanctions against Russia continue, the energy crisis confronts the nations of the European Union (EU) ahead of the onset of autumn and winter. Both opportunities and challenges exist for Indonesian coal exports as a result of the EU’s ban on Russian coal imports. On the one hand, there is a chance for Indonesia to grow its coal exports to the EU market, but on the other hand, there is a risk that China’s coal imports may decrease as a result of Russian coal discounts.

The characteristics of the international coal market are discussed in detail in this July issue of Trade and Industry Brief, as well as the steps Indonesia must take to prepare. The performance of Indonesia’s trade balance, which last June recorded a surplus of USD 5.09 billion, was also covered in this trade and industry brief. This was the 26th consecutive month that Indonesia’s trade balance was in surplus. This policy brief’s data came from BPS, the director general of minerals and coal, as well as a number of other sources.

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