Economics and Finance in Indonesia 2004

Volume 52 No. 3

  1. Miranda S. Gultom
    Indonesian Macroeconomic Developments and Policies: Recent Conditions and The Outlook for 2005

  2. Anton Hendranata, Bambang P. S. Brodjonegoro, and Bonar M. Sinaga
    An Econometric Input-Output Model for Indonesia: Economic Impact Analysis of Budget Development Expenditure

  3. Arianto A. Patunru
    Can The Market Take Care of The Environment? (What The Literature Says about Marketable Permits)

  4. Iwan J. Azis and Willem Thorbecke
    The Effects of Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Shocks on Bank Lending in Indonesia

  5. Lienda Loebis and Hubert Schmitz
    Java Furniture Makers: Globalisation’s Winners or Losers?

Volume 52 No. 2

  1. Akhmad Bayhaqi
    Speculative Investment Drives Out Good Investment: Why it is Important to Minimize Speculative Investment of Real Estate in Singapore

  2. Latif Adam
    The Indonesian Garment Industry: Past Performance and Future Challenges

  3. M. Handry Imansyah, Guy R. West, and Rodney C. Jensen
    The Fundamental Economic Structure in Developing Countries: An Empirical Evidence of Indonesia

  4. Robert A. Simanjuntak
    Recent Issues Regarding Indonesian Government Subsidiary Offshore Loans to Regions

  5. Thee Kian Wie
    Indonesia’s Experience with its First Anti-Monopoly Law

Volume 52 No. 1

  1. Agus Eko Nugroho
    A Balance Sheet Approach on Determinants of The Funding Volatility of Banks in Indonesia

  2. Amrizal Amir
    X-Efficiency of The Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB): A Preliminary Study

  3. Ari Kuncoro
    Bribery and Time Wasted in Indonesia: A Test of The Efficient Grease Hypothesis

  4. Peter McCawley
    The Indonesian Economy in Transition: The International Context

  5. Yogi Vidyattama
    The Technical Inefficiency and Human Capital Improvement in Indonesian Secondary School across Region