Economics and Finance in Indonesia 2006

Volume 54 No. 2

  1. Ari Kuncoro 
    Firm Structure, Conduct and Competitiveness in Indonesian Manufacturing: Before and After The 1998 Economic Crisis 

  2. Agus Eko Nugroho
    Microfinance commercialisation, Challenges and Issue in Developing Countries: A Critical Literature Review 

  3. Yogi Vidyattama 
    Regional Convergence and Indonesia Economic Dynamics 

  4. Hal Hill Arndt 
    The Strategy of Indonesia’s Economic Transformation

Volume 54 No. 1

  1. Tulus Tambunan 
    Some Evidences from Indonesia on The Importance of Institutions for Determining ‘Pro-Poor’ Growth 

  2. Dewa Ketut Sadra Swastika 
    The Four Decades Journey and Future Prospects of Indonesia to Meet Its Demand for Maize 

  3. Herry Purnomo 
    Trends and Future Scenarios of Forestry and Other Land Uses Employment in Indonesia: a Modeling Approach 

  4. Ahmad Helmy Fuady
    FDI Spillovers in Indonesia’s Chemical Industry: A Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis