Economics and Finance Indonesia 2007

Volume 55 No. 3

  1. Robert A. Simanjuntak and  Friska P. Panjaitan
    Government Debt and Fiscal Sustainability: A Case Study of Indonesia 1988-2001

  2. Kiki Verico
    The Impact of ASEAN’S Intra Trade to FDI Inflows from Non-Member State: The Case of Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand 1987-2006

  3. Vincent Lingga
    A Tale of Mistakes Piled Atop Errors

  4. Muhammad Chatib Basri
    Ten Years After Crisis: Are We Wiser ?

  5. Stephen Scwartz
    Indonesia’s Economy 10 Years After Crisis

  6. J. Soedradjad Djiwandono
    Financial Crisis and It’s Global Impacts: An Indonesian View

  7. Alexander Claver
    Crisis, Response and Survival Internatio in the 1930s

Volume 55 No. 2

  1. Fauziah Swasono
    Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth: Evidence from Indonesia

  2. Beta Yulianita, Eugenia Mardanugraha, and Chaikal Nuryakin
    Inflation-Output Efficiency in Lowering High Cost Economy: A Comparative Study of Several Provinces in Indonesia

  3. Friska Panjaitan
    Estimation of The Size of Indonesia’s Shadow Economy

  4. Milda Irhamni
    Stochastic Gravity Model and Trade Efficiency for Indonesia

  5. I Dewa Swastika
    The Impact of Market Support in Developed Countries on The Competitiveness of Indonesia Soybean