Economics and Finance Indonesia 2008

Volume 56 No. 3

  1. Muliadi Widjaja and Eugenia Mardanugraha
    Modeling Macroeconomic Dynamic CGE for the Indonesian Economy

  2. Irwan Adi Ekaputra and Sally Dwijayanti
    Trading Halts and Intraday Stock Return Volatility in the Indonesia Stock Exchange

  3. Ari Kuncoro
    A Simple Theoretical Model of Bribe Uncertainty

  4. Budy P. Resosudarmo, Djoni Hartono, and Ditya A. Nurdianto
    Inter-Island Economic Linkages and Connections in Indonesia

  5. Muhammad Iqbal and Gelar Satya Budhi
    A Perspective on The Payment For Environmental Services’ Implementation In The Brantas Watershed

Volume 56 No. 2

  1. Maxensius Tri Sambodo
    Indonesia in A Changing Energy Frontier: Challenges and Prospects

  2. Siwage Dharma Negara
    A Structural Vector Auto-Regression Model of The Indonesian Economy

  3. Dhaniel Ilyas
    Inflation, Financial Market, and Economic Policy: A Review Essay and Lessons for Indonesia’s Economy

  4. Agus Nugroho
    Heterogeneous Characteristics of Microfinance Clients and Institutions: Theoretical Implications and Policy Issues in Indonesia

  5. Tri Widodo
    Factor Endowments and Comparative Advantages of East Asia

Volume 56 No. 1

EFI with a “special issue” as a tribute to Professor Mohammad Sadli (1922-2008). This edition contains six of Professor Sadli’ papers which had been published in various media. Mari E. Pangestu writes about her impressions on him, as a tribute to Professor Sadli.

  1. Mari E. Pangestu
    A Tribute to Our Guru, Mentor, Friend and Economic Commentator Par Excellence: Professor Mohammad Sadli

  2. Mohammad Sadli
    Some Reflections on Professor Boeke’s Theory of Dualistic Economies

  3. Mohammad Sadli 
    Indonesia’s Private Sector

  4. Mohammad Sadli
    Fifty Years of Economic Transformation: The Indonesian Economy in Retrospect and Prospect.

  5. Mohammad Sadli
    Technocratic Decision Making in Economic Policy

  6. Mohammad Sadli
    The Indonesian Crisis