Economics and Finance Indonesia Vol. 58 No. 2, 2010

Arief Anshory Yusuf : Estimates of the “Green” or “Eco” Regional Domestic Product of Indonesian Provinces for the year 2005

B.Raksaka Mahi : Intergovernmental Relations and Decentralization in Indonesia: New Arrangements and Their Impacts on Local Welfare

Kiki Verico Williater Leonardo Batubara : Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation In Southeast Asia: ITRO’s Effect to Rubber’s FDI Inflows & Indonesia’s Rubber Economic Multipliers

Maddaremmeng A. Panennung : The Role of Sumatra in the Integration of the Indonesian Economy into the World Economy from Two Waves of Globalization

Muhammad Arsyad, Yoshio Kawamura : Reducing Poverty of Cocoa Smallholders in Indonesia: Is Agricultural Economic Activity Still the Pioneer?

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