Economics and Finance Indonesia 2015

Volume 61 No. 1

  1. Anne Booth
    Accumulation, Development, and Exploitation in Different Colonial and Post-Colonial Contexts: Taiwan, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1900-80

  2. Ahmad Helmy Fuady
    Pragmatism and Nationalism: Industrialization Policy in Indonesia and Nigeria

  3. Maria Monica Wihardja and Siwage Dharma Negara
    The Indonesian Economy from the Colonial Extraction Period until the Post-New Order Period: A Review of Thee Kian Wie’s Major Works

  4. Latif Adam and Maxensius Tri Sambodo
    Indonesia’s Dynamic Electricity Power Sector: Investigating Need and Supply Performance

  5. Soemarso Slamet Rahardjo
    The Role of Speculative Factor in the Indonesian Stock Price Determination

Volume 61 No. 2

  1. Maxensius Tri Sambodo
    Rural Electrification Program in Indonesia: Comparing SEHEN and SHS Program

  2. Faisal Rachman
    “Does Inflation Targeting Framework Make a Significant Difference in Lowering Price Level?” What is its Implication to Indonesia’s Inflation Rate?

  3. Firman Mochtar and Yoga Affandi 
    Current Account and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in Indonesia

  4. Latif Adam and Siwage Dharma Negara
    Improving Human Capital through Better Education to Support Indonesia’s Economic Development

  5. Chin-Hong Puah, Rayenda Khresna Brahmana, and Kai-Hung Wong
    Revisiting Stock Market Integration Pre-Post Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Insight from BRIC Countries

Volume 61 No. 3

  1. Edo Mahendra, Ubaidillah Zuhdi, and Ratnawati Muyanto
    Determinants of Firm Innovation in Indonesia: The Role of Institutions and Access to Finance

  2. Rulyusa Praktiko, Mohamad Ikhsan, and Benedictus Raksaka Mahi
    Unequal Impact of Price Changes in Indonesia

  3. Harry Patria and Vid Adrison
    Oil Exploration Economics: Empirical Evidence from Indonesian Geological Basins

  4. Eric R.W. Knight and James D. Meade
    Managing Productivity in the Infrastructure Sector: A Case Study from Indonesia

  5. Putu Geniki Lavinia Natih
    Technical Efficiency Levels of Rural Banks (BPRs) in West Java: A Stochastic Frontier Approach