Febrio N. Kacaribu, Ph.D.


Febrio1Febrio Kacaribu (2015 – April 2020) is a research fellow of Institute of Economics and Social Research (LPEM FEBUI) since 2005 and also a lecturer in department of economics and business, University of Indonesia. He received a Master of International & Development Economics, Monetary Economics, Development Economics from The Australian National University in 2005 and completed his PhD at University of Kansas in 2014. His research and works include Economic & business forecasting, Economic Modelling, Financial Economics, Monetary Policy, and Public Policy Analysis.


Research Interests

Policy evaluation and monitoring, Design of fiscal related scheme, Intergovernmental transfer, Higher education policy, Regulatory impact assessment

Academic Publications

– Evaluating Core Inflation Measures Using A DSGE Model
– Analyzing the Nonlinear Phillips Curve Using A Nonlinear DSGE Model
– Capital Flows and the Real Exchange Rate: Dynamic Panel Data Analysis
– Measuring Core Inflation in Indonesia: An Asymmetric Trimmed-Mean Approach

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