Grab Pioneers Digital Economy in Eastern Indonesia

JAKARTA, 11th of November 2021 – As one of the leaders in Indonesia’s tech ecosystem, Grab is expected to play a pivotal role not only in helping communities across Indonesia overcome the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also in promoting the communities’ economic development, especially the marginalized ones. While Grab’s impact on the broader Indonesia economy has been documented by previous studies (Tenggara Strategics, 2018), there has been no study on Grab’s impact on frontiers, outermost, and less-developed regions, despite the apparent need to investigate whether Grab’s benefits have been shared equally across the regions. Against such a backdrop, LPEM UI has conducted research to study the impact of Grab on the less economically-developed regions such as Kupang and Jayapura. Such research is expected to inform relevant Grab stakeholders and policymakers in their efforts to formulate strategies and/or policies to maximize their impacts across Indonesia.

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