Potential and Cost of Electricity Generation from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration in Pekanbaru Municipality

Author : Bisuk Abraham Sisungkunon, Atiqah Amanda Siregar,  and Wildan Al Kautsar Anky

Executive Summary

Municipal solid waste (MSW) management remains a challenge in in Pekanbaru. To avoid the negative externalities associated with improper waste disposal, the development of waste-based power plant (or PLTSa), including through incineration technology, is increasingly viewed as an attractive option. This study estimated that electricity generation potential from MSW in Pekanbaru could reach 0.021 MW/ton MSW and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) from incineration PLTSa is around 21.03¢ per kWh. Waste calorific value and feedstock supply are essential to maintain the cost competitiveness of incineration PLTSa in Pekanbaru.

Download (PDF, 654KB)

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