Scoping Agroforestry Investment Opportunities to Advance Social Forestry in North Sumatra

Social Forestry (SF), a government-driven program that allows local communities to apply for different types of forest rights, requires further advancements. One possible option is agroforestry. Multi-species interaction in agroforestry systems can improve livelihood through better farm income, enhanced food security, and strengthened environmental resilience. This report set North Sumatra Province at its observed location. This report tries to: (1) identify potential commodities that can be cultivated through agroforestry practices at the designated SF area; (2) examine opportunities, challenges, and necessary interventions related to accelerating agroforestry adoption at the designated SF areas; and (3) map potential financing schemes mapping to advocate agroforestry implementation by SF permit holders.

Authors: Bisuk Abraham Sisungkunon, Atiqah Amanda Siregar, Habiburrachman Alfian Houzaeri Fuad, Fachry Abdul Razak Afifi, Nia Kurnia Sholihah

Download (PDF, 3.76MB)

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