Isfandiary Djafaar S.E., M.Soc.Sc


isfandiary-jafarIsfandiary Djafaar obtained his bachelor degree in economics (majoring international economics) from Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, and a Master of Social Science in Development Finance Program from the University of Birmingham. Isfandiary joined LPEM in 1992 as a junior research assistant. Subsequently, since 2004 he has been serving as research associate at LPEM. His research interests are international economics, regional finance, and social security programs.

Aside from his work at PEM, Isfandiary also teaches at the Undergraduate Program of Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Indonesia. Several research projects that he has undertaken include Pertamina’s Study on Competitiveness for Pertamina in 2007 and a study related to Indonesia’s 2030 Vision with Indonesia Forum Institute, also in 2007. He wrote (with Lepi Tarmidi) a section titled “Impediments to Trade in APEC: the Case of Indonesia” in the book Impediments to Trade in APEC: the Case of China, Indonesia, and the Philippines which was published by APEC Study Center in 1998.

Research Interests

International Economics, Regional Finance, Social Security Programs

Academic Pubblications

– Tarmidi, Lepi, and Isfandiary Djafaar, “Impediments to Trade in APEC: the Case of Indonesia”, in Impediments to Trade in APEC: the Case of China, Indonesia, and the Philippines, APEC Study Center, Institute of Developing Economies, Tokyo, 1998

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