Kiki Verico, S.E., MRI., Ph.D.


Kiki Verico obtained his bachelor degree in economics (monetary economics) from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI), master in regional economic integration of double-degree program from University of Malaya and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Ph.D degree in International Studies (Economics) from Waseda University in Tokyo. He started to work at the FEB UI in 1999 as teaching assistant and a year later in 2000, he joined the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM FEB UI) as a research assistant. His research interests are international trade, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), regional economic integration issues, ASEAN economic integration process, Southeast Asia economies, and multi-country economic cooperation that features Indonesia.

Before he has been appointed as Deputy Director of Research of LPEM FEB UI in early January 2016, he was appointed as Head of International Trade and Macroeconomic Research Division of LPEM FEUI from August 2014 to December 2015. Kiki has published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development (AJAD), Bulletin of Indonesia Economic Studies (BIES), Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI), and Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development (JECD). He writes several chapters in books on Indonesia – Australia’s economic relations and China – ASEAN economic cooperation (case of Indonesia). Kiki writes a book (as single author) on the future of ASEAN economic integration. He has published opinions in various media such as the Jakarta Post, the Jakarta Globe, Indonesia Finance Today, Investor Daily, Media Indonesia, Seputar Indonesia, Majalah Gatra, Koran Tempo, Majalah Tempo, as well as in public blog named Conversation and universities blogs of the Indonesia Project of the ANU and GoLive of the Adelaide University.

Research Interests

International trade, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Regional economic integration issues, ASEAN economic entegration process, Southeast Asia economies

Academic Publications

– Verico, Kiki, Indonesia towards 2030 and beyond: A Long-Run International Trade Foresight, MPRA Paper No. 79665, 2017
– Verico, Kiki, The Future of the ASEAN Economic Integration, Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2017
– Verico, Kiki, Economic Cooperation in Natural Rubber: Impacts on Natural Rubber’s World Supply and Indonesia’s Economy, the Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development (AJAD) Vol.10 (2), 2013, pp.75-93
– Verico, Kiki, a book review of Jehoon Park, T.J. Pempel, Geng Xiao (eds), “Asian Responses to the Global Financial Crisis: The Impact of Regionalism and the Role of the G20”, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham at the Journal of Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES) Vol.49 (1), 2013, pp.124-125
– Verico, Kiki, The Impact of Direct Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (BFTA) to ASEAN’s Intra-Regional Trade & Individual Country’s Investment Creation: The Case of Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand, 1988 -2008, Journal of Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI), Vol.59 No.2, 2011,pp. 191-214
– Verico, Kiki & Williater Batubara, Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation in Southeast Asia: ITRO’s Effect to Rubber FDI Inflows & Indonesia’s Economic Multipliers, 1990 – 2007, Journal of Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI), Vol.58 No.2, 2010, pp.173-195
– Verico, Kiki, The Impact of ASEAN’s Intra Trade to FDI Inflows from Non Member-States: The Cases of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, 1987-2006, Journal of Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI), Vol.55 No.3, 2007, pp.253-280

Kiki Verico’s REPEC link

Opinions and Newspaper Articles

Brexit Phenomenon and Lesson to Regional Cooperation, 2016
Why has Indonesia decided to join an economic cooperation?, 2016
– Verico, Kiki, The Importance of Vision and ‘Blusukan’, Jakarta Post, 11 September 2013
– Verico, Kiki, A Crucial Moment in Indonesia’s Political Economy, Jakarta Post, 17 June 2013

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