LPEM Research Project about Liquefaction Process KUR

Identifying the Constraint to Guarantee Partial Credit s Execution in KUR Programs: Regional Credit Guarantee (Jamkrida) East Java and Bali Study

Partial credit guarantee in the KUR program is one step to provide convenience to customer, especially Small Medium Enterprise in service delivering effective and fair credit disbursement

The main objective of this study is to examine the constraints to credit disbursement, focusing on Standard Operational to access credit, and to offer policy recommendations on way to improve the effectiveness of filling of claims credit to minimize potential delays. The analysis was performed using the method regression analysis. The scope of work for study was conducted Regional Credit Guarantee (Jamkrida) in East Java and Bali includes an assessment of constraining credit disbursement through every step of the credit execution process using scheme, from credit preparation to the completion of the project. The study also involved survey and field visit to gather information from key stakeholders and players KUR, includes in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. The paper found that the implementation of the certificate of insurance claims impeding the process of KUR in which takes a long time on the distribution of certificates to the Credit Guarantee Company (KDP) branch or the correction bank certificates of old. Some technical problem included the distinction between perception of various stakeholders involved in this process has impacts on inhibiting the process of finalizing the document KUR. A clear regulatory framework is needed, but due to the huge the process involved this may need coordination from the top-down level of government. In addition, We conclude with the implications of our findings for KDP’s attempts to expand the function by measuring assisting SMEs performance on credit worthiness from potential delays and technical error

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