Nurturing the Levelled-Up Indonesia’s South-South Cooperation and the Future of Indonesian AID


This paper aims to review Indonesia’s significant progresses in developing its capacity in providing technical assistance within the framework of South-South Cooperation (SSC). The year 2019 had witnessed some advancements in the management of development cooperation towards the establishment of the future Indonesian Agency for International Development (Indonesian AID). These developments are reflected from the allocation of endowment fund as a source funding, series of studies conducted to prepare the establishment of Indonesian AID, the enactment of regulatory frameworks for the agency, and finally the launching of the Lembaga Dana Kerja Sama Pembangunan Internasional (LDKPI) or the Indonesian AID in October 18, 2019. Aside from reviewing those progresses, this paper also offers some proposals regarding measures and steps to undertake in order to achieve the agency’s main purpose and objectives.

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