Training and courses are LPEM FEBUI’s effort in order to improve the quality of human resources through non-degree training and course activities. LPEM FEBUI has been running various educational and training activities since 1978 in collaboration with central government agencies, local governments, private sector, and international institutions. Training and courses by LPEM UI consist of two kind of trainings: (1) Regular Trainings (2) Non-Reguler Trainings.

Reguler Trainings consist of:

  1. Regulatory Impact Assessment Training
  2. Basic Econometrics Training
  3. STATA Data Management Training

Non-Reguler Trainings consist of:

  1. Trainings with Planning theme
  2. Trainings with Public Finance theme
  3. Trainings with Public Policy theme
  4. Trainings with Economics and Social theme
  5. Trainings with Methodology theme

Some of the Non-Reguler trainings held by LPEM FEBUI are customized trainings related to public policy, public finance, econometrics, input-output analysis, etc. For special requirements, you can contact us in the following address:

Gedung Diklat LPEM FEBUI
Jl. Salemba Raya 4, Jakarta 10430
Tel. 021-3143177 ext. 621/623
Fax. 021-3907235/31934310


For further information and registration, please download following form.

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