Macroeconomic Analysis Series: Monthly Inflation, October 2023

Year-on-year (YoY) inflation in September 2023 was reported at 2.08% or decreased by -0.99% compared to annual inflation in August 2023. This shows a decline in the general YoY inflation value in the last 6 months, after last month there was an increase of 0.19%. The decline in inflation this month was also the lowest in the last 12 months since September last year. YoY inflation occurred in all sectors, including the information, communications, and financial services sectors (0.06%), after consistently experiencing deflation for the last 21 months. The sectors with the highest YoY inflation values this month were the food, beverage, and tobacco sectors (4.17%), personal care and other services (3.68%), and foodstuffs (3.59%).

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