Prof. Dr. Rustam Didong (Emeritus) (1970 and 1982-1987)

Prof. Dr. Rustam Didong (Emeritus) is a Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia who devoted his life in the field of economics education for the advancement of Indonesian economy and the welfare of the Indonesian people. He has been a lecturer in University of Indonesia since 1960 and affiliate lecturer in UNSRI (1963-1969). He became Full Professor of University of Indonesia since 1984. He held numerous positions as Director of the Foundation Board Publisher (JBP), University of Indonesia (1966-1967), Head of LPEM FEBUI (1982-1987), and Deputy Chairman of Economic Affairs of the National Development Planning Agency (1988-1996). He also served as the Vice Rector of University of Indonesia managing Academic Affairs (1986-1988) and Chairman of STEKPI School of Business and Accounting (1997-2006).

Prof. Dr. Rustam Didong completed his undergraduate study in the University of Indonesia (1959) and received his master degree from University of California at Berkeley – USA (1962). He earned his PhD at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles – USA (1976).

He also provides teaching and training courses as part of a community service. He received many awards because of those activities. He received Satya Lencana Karya Satya Tk. II award from the President of Indonesia (1984), Regional Integration Award from the University of the Philippines and the Institute of European Studies (1983), Wira Karya award from the President of Indonesia (1993), Presidential Primary Service Star Award (1995), and Charter of Anugeraha Sewaka Winayaroha from Minister of National Education (2006).