Pyan Putro Surya Amin Muchtar, S.E.


Kiki1 Pyan Putro Surya Amin Muchtar completed his bachelor degree in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI) in 2016. In the same year, Pyan had a chance to take part in a student exchange program at the School of International and Liberal Studies, Waseda University (ASEAN International Mobility Student Program), Tokyo, Japan. Still in the same year, Pyan joined LPEM FEB UI as On Project Base (OPB) Scholar. Prior to joining LPEM FEB UI, Pyan had working experience as a temporary research assistant at Bank Indonesia and actively give lecture as an assistant lecturer at the Department of Economics FEB UI

In terms of conducting research, Pyan has been involved in projects with government agencies and non-governmental organizations, such as Bekraf, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia,, Australia National University (ANU), LPDP, ILO, etc. Since 2014, Pyan has been an active participant of various international conferences and presentations in various countries, such as Japan (Indonesian delegation for Japan University English Model of United Nation, Kinki University, Osaka), United Arab Emirates (Indonesian delegation for the Regional Final Hult Prize Social-Business Challenge, Dubai), and Australia (Indonesian delegation to International Indonesia Student Conference, Canberra).

Research Interest

Microeconomics, Individual Behavior, Experimental Economics, Development Economics

Academic Publications

– Muchtar, Pyan A., Does Piped Water Improve the Welfare of Poor Households? Economics and Policy of Energy and The Environment. Vol. 6, 2017, hal. 119 – 134. , DOI: 10.3280/EFE2016-003010
– Chaikal Nuryakin, Prani Sastiono, Faradina Alifia Maizar, Pyan Amin, Lili Yunita, Nanda Puspita, Moslem Afrizal, & Christine Tjen
 Financial Inclusion through Digital Financial Services and Branchless Banking: Inclusiveness, Challenges and Opportunities, LPEM-FEBUI Working Paper 008, Juni 2017
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Opinions and Newspaper Articles Kabar

Mendorong Keuangan Inklusif di Jawa Timur Melalui Branchless Banking: Potensi Jasa Keuangan Digital, 2016

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