Innovation and Productivity Research Group


The research group highlights the importance of worker transformation and skill-development to support economic development and productivity enhancement in Indonesia. Issues of particular interest include developing better information of demand and supply of works, identifying skill-shortages, and understanding various factors in labor market and economic policies, technology, and infrastructure that  will affect worker’s productive, adaptive and innovative capacity. The group applies multidisciplinary approaches to provide empirical-based policy discussion with regard to the issues.

Head of Innovation and Productivity Research Group

Dr. Arie Damayanti, S.E., M.Sc.
Innovation and Productivity

Arie Damayanti received her bachelor degree in Economics from Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, before she earned a master degree in Financial Economics and Econometrics from University of Essex, UK, in 2000. Later on, she received her PhD from Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University, Japan in 2006. Arie Damayanti has joined LPEM FEB UI since 1995, before resumed as Deputy Director (2009-2015), and later was a Director of Graduate Program in Economics, Faculty of Economics  Business, from 2015-2018. Her research interest is on labor economics and applied micro econometrics.


Past Research Projects:
  • Indonesian Youth Workforce Assessment Beneficiaries Profile (USAID)
  • Survey on Analytical Capacity Development Partnership (ADCP) (Asian Development Bank)
  • Institutional Capacity Assessment on Nutrition in Indonesia (UNICEF)
  • Kajian Peran Sekolah Internasional pada Sosial – Ekonomi Masyarakat. Studi Kasus: Jakarta Intercultural  School (JIS)