Macroeconomics and Financial Sector Policy


The group has strong reputation on research and consultation on investment climate, regional and trade cooperation, and trade policies on specific industry. Our other research areas are related to market update and analysis on financial sector and monetary policy.

Head of Macroeconomics and Financial Sector Policy

Febrio Kacaribu, PhD (2015 – April 2020)
Central banking Policy, Monetary Economics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Economic Modelling

febrioFebrio Kacaribu is a research fellow of Institute of Economics and Social Research (LPEM FEBUI) since 2005 and also a lecturer in department of economics and business, University of Indonesia. He received a Master of International & Development Economics, Monetary Economics, Development Economics from The Australian National University in 2005 and completed his PhD at University of Kansas in 2014. His research and works include Economic & business forecasting, Economic Modelling, Financial Economics, Monetary Policy, and Public Policy Analysis.


Past Research Projects

– US Indonesia Partnership for South-South and Tringular Cooperation (USIP for SSTC) Component I (USAID, 2016)

– PUM Evaluation 2012-2015 (Erasmus (ERBS), 2016)

– Tax on Life Insurance Industry (Asosiasi Asuransi Jiwa Indonesia (AAJI), 2016)

– Estimation on Illegal Export Potential after Implementation on Raw Mineral Export Ban (Inke Maris, 2016)

– Study on Consumer Loyalty (Tiket.Com, 2016)

– Market News Letter 2016 (BANK BCA, 2016)

– Marketing Strategy Formulation of Local Creative Product and Services (BEKRAF, 2016)

– Trans Pacific Partnership in Indonesia Economic Development Strategy (Centre for Strategic and International Studies, 2016)

– Batam Free Trade Zone (Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian, 2016)