Spending of Sports Event Participants and Tourists: Evidence from the 2018 Asian Games 


The 2018 Asian Games was the biggest sports event in the history of Asian Games. Held in Indonesia, the sports event contested 40 sports and 465 events while served for 11,326 athletes from 45 Asian countries, apart from hundreds of thousands of international visitors, officials and journalists. While required a considerable amount of public spending, such a massive scale of event generated large economic stimuli to Indonesian economy, among which were the spending of international participants and spectators. This study aims to estimate the determinants of international participants and spectators’ spending. Data were collected through face-to-face interviews during the event. The findings suggest that the spending and spending composition of international participants and spectators vary across types of participants, country of origins, gender, age group and traveling experiences. The academic and policy implications of the findings are discussed.

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