General Information

Training and courses are LPEM FEBUI’s effort in order to improve the quality of human resources through non-degree training and course activities. LPEM FEBUI has been running various educational and training activities since 1978 in collaboration with central government agencies, local governments, private sector, and international institutions. Training and courses by LPEM FEBUI consist of two kind of trainings: (1) Regular Trainings (2) Non-Reguler Trainings.

Reguler Trainings consist of:

  1. Regulatory Impact Assessment Training
  2. Basic Econometrics Training
  3. STATA Data Management Training

Non-Reguler Trainings consist of:

  1. Trainings with Planning theme
  2. Trainings with Public Finance theme
  3. Trainings with Public Policy theme
  4. Trainings with Economics and Social theme
  5. Trainings with Methodology theme


Participants in our training and courses come from central and local government officials from various institutions, members of parliament/local parliament and general public. Training in LPEM FEBUI can be held for a minimum of 10 participants (10 persons). Each training and courses have their own requirements in accordance with the terms and conditions set by LPEM FEBUI along with relevant agencies. In general, the requirements are as follows:

1. Minimum Diploma III or S1 Undergraduate degree, depending on the training requirements.
2. Maximum age of 55 years.
3. Approved/proposed by related supervisor.
4. High motivation to actively participate in the training.

Methods and Teaching Staffs

Training methods in LPEM’s courses are combinations of face-to-face lecture session, discussion, case studies, and field trips for particular courses. The teaching staffs are academic staffs and professional practitioners from University of Indonesia, central government agencies, local governments, private sector and NGOs.

Training Facilities

  1. Classrooms with full air conditioner. Our building has 7 classrooms with 20-60 persons capacity.
  2. Class facilities, such as whiteboards, wi-fi internet, overhead projectors, computers/laptops and LCD projectors.
  3. Library with many collection of text books, research reports, journals, papers, and teaching materials.
  4. Computer lab with 25 computers installed. All of them have internet connections.
  5. Dining room with capacity of 100 participants and lecture’s dining room for up to 8 persons.
  6. Musholla (praying room).
  7. Clinic Room and Doctor’s service
  8. Shuttle Bus for course participants.


For training in LPEM FEBUI Jakarta, investment per participant for 5 days course is starting from Rp 4.750.000,-. The cost will be higher for customized trainings. Each participants in the training will receive teaching materials, training equipment kit, lunch, and two coffee breaks. This investment does not include cost of transportation to Jakarta and to the training location, accommodation in Jakarta, and the allowance of participants. If it is needed, LPEM FEBUI can provide accommodation and meals (outside of training).


The training will be held in LPEM FEBUI at Jakarta or other regions outside the city following prior agreement between LPEM FEBUI and the clients. Training is generally held on Monday to Friday (08:00 to 17:00 GMT). Our Training office location is at:

Gedung Diklat LPEM FEBUI
Jl. Salemba Raya 4, Jakarta 10430
Tel. 021-3143177 ext. 621/623
Fax. 021-3907235/31934310


For further information and registration, please download following  form.

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