Participants of Training of Basics Planning – Bappenas 5th Batch (2014)

“During two weeks of Training of Basics Planning in LPEM FEBUI, I got a lot of new knowledge. Insha Allah, all the materials will be very useful for improving performance in the workplace.”
(Imelda Benastan ,  Bappenas Staff)


“Training for Basics Planning, I think, is very helpful. Moreover, all participants from Bappenas are coming from various educational backgrounds. Through this training, all participants will have the same (correct) perceptions on economy and development.”
(David Tinambunan ,  Bappenas Staff)


“Overall, Training for Basics Planning is very useful. I have acquired a lot of knowledge. All Courses are very relevant, especially in the field of planning.”
(Kamila Nadhira ,  Bappenas Staff)


“I have a good impression during the Training of Basics Planning that were organized by LPEM FEBUI. Lecturers’ quality are very good because they are practitioners/professionals from each relevant field of expertise. Facilities are also complete and satisfying.”
(Husnul Hayyah , Bappenas Staff)