Yusuf Sofiyandi Simbolon S.E., M.Sc.



Yusuf Sofiyandi Simbolon is a research associate at the Institute for Economic and Social Research. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 2012 from the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia, with specialization in International Trade and Labor Economics. In 2017, Yusuf was awarded his Master’s Degree in the Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics from the Faculteit der Economische Wetenschappen en Bedrijfskunde at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Beside doing his research and consultancy works, Yusuf also teaches as an assistant lecturer in the area of Microeconomic and Applied Econometrics at the Master Program in Planning and Development Policy (MPKP) at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia.



Field of Interests

Urban and transportation economics, travel behaviour, housing economics, water economics, maritime economics and logistics, and applied spatial econometrics.

Selected Publications

  • Heterogeneous effects of visa exemption policy on international tourist arrivals: Evidence from Indonesia (2020). Tourism Economics, 1354816619897150 — with Muhammad Halley Yudhistira, Witri Indriyani, and Andhika Putra Pratama
  • Transportation network and changes in urban structure: Evidence from the Jakarta Metropolitan Area (2019). Research in Transportation Economics, 74, 52-63 — with Muhammad Halley Yudhistira, Witri Indriyani, Yusuf Reza Kurniawan, and Andhika Putra Pratama
  • Seaport status, port access, and regional economic development in Indonesia (2018). Maritime Economics & Logistics, 20(4), 549-568 — with Muhammad Halley Yudhistira

Selected policy reports

Towards Sustainable Indonesian East-West Maritime Nexus for Seamless Connectivity and Development: An Evaluation of Economic Impact of Sea Toll Program in Eastern Indonesia Region (2019), in collaboration with ERIA and Indonesian Ministry of Transportation.

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