Climate and Disaster-Resilient Infrastructure in Indonesia: Have We Done Enough?

In the first regime of the Jokowi administration (2015-2019), the Government of Indonesia (GoI) sets a progressive plan for infrastructure development to improve interregional connectivity, boost economic growth, and enhance national competitiveness. The government spending on infrastructure rose significantly from IDR 154.6tn (USD 13bn) in 2014 to IDR 394.1tn (USD 27.2bn) in 2019 or approximately multiplied by 254.9%. The budget size straightforwardly represents Indonesia’s high ambition for infrastructure expansion which includes among others: 3,432 km national roads, 1,852 km highways, 65 dams, 41,1 km bridges, 38,431 hectares of urban slum revitalization, 559,660 units of public housing equipped with a drinking water system, 27 seaports, and 10 international airports.

Download (PDF, 773KB)

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