Senior Research Assistant

LPEM FEUI is supported by 66 research staffs, mostly lecturers at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. The researchers LPEM UI are consisted of :

  • 20 doctoral degree (S3)
  • 34 master’s degree (S2)
  • 12 bachelor degree (S1)

In addition to performing its operational functions, LPEM FEUI is supported by 55 administration staffs.

Senior Research Associate

Prof. Ari Kuncoro S.E., M.A., Ph.D
Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics

Prof. Dr. Ine Minara S. Ruky S.E., M.E.
Industrial Economics, Economic Planning

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Ikhsan S.E., M.A
Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics

Prof. Sulastri Surono S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Agricultural Economics

Prof. Dr. Lepi T. Tarmidi
International Economics

Jossy Prananta Moeis Ph.D.
Poverty Economics

Teguh Dartanto S.E., M.E., Ph.D.
Urban Economics, Econometrics

Komara Djaja S.E.. M.Sc., Ph.D
Public Policy, Urban and Environmental Economics.

Arianto A. Patunru S.E., MSc, PhD
Natural Resources Economics

T.M. Zakir Machmud Ph.D
Industrial Economics, Economic Planning

Dr. Hera Susanti S.E., M.Sc.
Regional Economics, Urban Economics

Dr. I Kadek Dian Sutrisna S.E., M.Sc
Monetary Economics, Makroeconomics

Dr. Ir. Widyono Soetjipto M.Sc.
Agricultural Economics, Microeconomics

Dr. Ir. Riyanto M.Si.
Statistics, Public Policy

Dr. Ir. Uka Wikarya M.Si.
Statistics, Econometrics

Dr. Eugenia Mardanugraha S.Si., M.E.
Banking, Regional Economics

Isfandiarni S.E., MA.
Public Policy, Regional Economics

Isfandiary Djafaar S.E., M.Soc.Sc
International Economics, Public Finance

R.H Achmadi S.E., M.Sc.
Development Finance

Untung Afandi S.E., MM
Financial Management

Widyanti Soetjipto S.E., M.Soc.Sc.
Public Finance, International Economics

Thia Jasmina S.E., M.Sc.
Monetary Economics

Suyanti Ismaryanto S.E., Mec.Dev.
Environmental Economics

Budhi Ismayadi S.E., MSE.
Regional Economics

Niniek Listyani Gyat S.E., M.Sc
Public Policy, Public Finance

Junior Research Associate

Mohammad Dian Revindo S.E., MSE.
International Economics

Lili Yunita S.E., MIDEc.
International Economics

Agus Salim S.E., MSE.
Econometrics, Macroeconomics

Dra. Budi Sulistyowati , MA.
Development Anthropology

Farma Mangunsong S.E., MSE.
Industrial Economics

M. Shauqie Azar S.E., MPP.
International Economics, Macroeconomics

Usman S.Si., M.Si.
Statistics, Regional Economics

Cita Wigjoseptina ST., MT.,MSD.
Industrial Management, Urban Planning

Adityantari L. Dewi S.E, ME.
Monetary Economics

Chairina Hanum Siregar, ME.
Industrial Economics

Hengky Kurniawan S.E.,MA.
Monetary Economics, Econometrics

Ainul Huda S.E., M.Sc
Regional Economics,, Macroeconomics

Dhaniel, Ilyas S.E., M.Sc.
Monetary Economics, Econometrics

Senior Research Assistant

Desi Setiadestriati S.Si.

Hamdan Bintara S.E.
Monetary Economics

Yusuf Sofiyandi S.E.
International Trade, Regional Economics

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